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Ergonomic chairs and productivity.

Working from home on an uncomfortable chair?
The goal of ergonomics is to make work more comfortable and to improve both health and productivity.
You need a good quality chair that is adjustable to your needs to work comfortably throughout the day.
We have a range of chairs available now, ready to be delivered fully assembled. You can have a professional, affordable, ergonomic setup at home to work comfortably through the current pandemic situation we are all facing.
Give us a call on 0437 761 579 if you would like more information on other available styles, finishes and pricing.

eStyling Services

Our eStyling Service is ready to revamp your workspace! We have local furniture on hand for a fast turnaround.
We are experts in enhancing your space, with great storage and space saving solutions that look great.
Get off the lounge, dining table or kitchen breakfast bar and let us create an ergonomic and visually inspiring space to be comfortable enough to work in.
Simply call 0437761579 or email through your enquiry with some photos and dimensions, we’ll take care of the rest.


It could be a nightmare when everything arrives at the same time. But we thrive on it, it represents the project moving forward, we have a tried and tested plan and our team know the process to bring it all together efficiently.
Ok, so it can be hectic at times, but I would like to think it is organised chaos 😊
At Portico Services we transform spaces in one day, our experienced team manage every step of the process so it goes seamlessly for our clients. We specialise in hotels, motels, AirBnB’s, group accommodation and commercial spaces.

Pets are great for productivity, and more!

Meet Milo, our little fury companion who assists us in selecting the perfect pieces and colour palettes for our projects.

With everything that is going on right now, people are finding themselves working from home and adjusting to different challenges. Well the good news is, that your pet could improve your work day, productivity and state of mind in many ways by being by your side.

Some of the benefits of a pet friendly workplace are:
– Reduce stress
– Boost morale
– Promote productivity
– Improve communication
– Encourage a healthier lifestyle
– AND for our fury friends, office dogs get socialised, rather than being left at home alone.

We enjoy having Milo around the Portico Office 😊


Preparing your property for AirBnB rental can be both time consuming and challenging. Our team of talented interior design professionals will perfectly style your property to grab people’s attention at the first click.
We are experts in sourcing quality furniture items that will be practical for your space, eye-catching and durable.
Get your AirBnB property online fast, increase bookings, revenue, rating and get fantastic reviews with a Portico styled property.
Let us save you time, stress and money by doing all the hard work for you. We are offering FREE PROPERTY REVIEWS!
Get in touch with Annette to discuss how we can transform your property with a solution tailored to your style and your budget.